Preferred Format:

  • For screen printing, Adobe Illustrator in Mac format is the professional industry standard. We recommend version CS5 or earlier. 
  • Fonts should be converted to outlines or paths. 
  • Other acceptable formats are InDesign. 
  • If you are using CorelDRAW; save your file as an ai format with fonts converted to curves. We recommend v13 or earlier. 
  • Graphics should be vector art. 
  • If possible, when supplying one of these formats, a pdf format is preferred. 
  • Provide artwork as spot colours (no shading or gradients) and for colours please provide Pantone or PMS coated colour references, not CMYK. 
  • Bitmap, jpeg and tiff formats will need to be redrawn which we can do at a reasonable cost.


Formats Not Recommended:

For screen printing, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or any other non editable format like jpeg, tif, png or bitmaps are not suitable for printing. If you do not have access to the preferred formats, please send us the original image file instead of importing it into one of these programs. If you have access to the correct format file and do not have the appropriate software, please do NOT attempt to open as this will corrupt the file.


Digital Ceramic Format:

This can be a jpeg but must be minimum 300dpi at the finished size for best results. A higher resolution is acceptable but please check the file size as it may be too big for emailing.


Artwork Sizing:

Unless specified, we will size the artwork to best suit the item being printed however we will follow specific placements and size instructions if supplied. In some cases depending on the shape, the artwork will need to be "curved" so that when applied to the shape the artwork looks straight. There is a cost associated with this.


Specific Instructions:

Please provide clear and concise instructions that best assists us with your request. This may include placement position/s, artwork size, dimensions, quantity, your contact details and any other specific requirements. We will provide an emailed proof in pdf format for approval prior to printing.


Kiln Fired Colours:

Please be aware that there is no true Cyan or Magenta in kiln fired colours and therefore some colours are not able to be accurately reproduced. Should this be the case with your artwork, we will advise and be able to offer the best possible alternative for approval prior to going to print.


Print Areas: These will be dependent on the item being printed, position and process used.


No Suitable Artwork?

If you do not have any artwork in the preferred formats above but do have in some other format, even a website page, we can economically have it redrawn to suit. Not only will this mean we can print correctly, we can also provide you with the artwork file for any future requirements with other printing types.