Ceramic printing was the foundation for Ascent Print’s existence. We were the sole importer and decorator of coffee mugs for the promotional industry for many years. In 2012 our business focus changed and we expanded our customer base to include the hospitality industry. Ascent Print specialise in the screen printing decoration of ceramic items like coffee mugs, plates, and bowls.

When printing ceramics, we can use both kiln fired and non-fired prints, depending on which is the most cost effective and suitable solution for our clients requirements. In addition we have introduced kiln fired digital printing for ceramic surfaces us to batch fires prints onto ceramic cups to ensure a quality finish for all your printed coffee cups.

Our printing methods ensure all finished products suitable for any situation, commercial or domestic. The firing process ensures you get a long-lasting finish that won't scratch off, meaning you will need to spend less on replacement items.

In addition you might want to print on a range of glassware to go with your new ceramic products. You can see more about our glassware printing here.