Can we supply our own products for printing?
Yes we encourage this. In some cases we may need to view the item prior to printing to confirm its suitability for printing and/or kiln firing. Often we can source the same item or similar from our suppliers at a competitive price for you.

What are lead times for having a job printed?
This will depend on the size and complexity of the print job, availability of the item to be printed and the time it takes to have the artwork etc to the approval stage. We usually look at this on a job by job basis however we do our best to meet your desired date/s. We generally advise 7 working days from approval of artwork which covers most eventualities.

I've left it late, can you still print my order?
Depending on how busy we are your order may still be possible. Please call us and we will do our best to assist you.

What is the minimum order quantity you can print?
Our prices are based on a minimum order of 36. Smaller orders may be accepted but price will increase accordingly. Generally, glassware is sold in boxes of 6, 12, 24 and therefore orders will be rounded up to the nearest outer box multiple to accommodate this if Ascent Print are supplying the glassware.

Can you print individual names?
Yes we can however the only way to do this is as a transfer (or decal) and kiln fire. Pricing will be dependent on the quantity of names and size.

I have a jpeg of my artwork, why can you not use it?
A jpeg is a picture and therefore not editable. In many cases we need to make subtle changes to the artwork file prior to printing in order to make it printable using a screen print process. Thickening lines and text or opening up gaps to be able to hold the image in the screen and ensure sufficient lay down of colour is important if you want the end result to look visually correct when the job is completed.

I want the print in a position that is not normally done?
Depending on the item and process this can be done. Using a kiln fired transfer process will give you a lot more options.

I do not know where to get the correct artwork format?
We have the resources to have artwork redrawn at a very reasonable cost and therefore can use anything you have available. We supply to you as a vector based file in a pdf format so you are able to open the file. Once we have done this we recommend that you save the file as this will be suitable for all your future print requirements not just the job with Ascent Print.

Can you do a sample first?
Yes we can do a preproduction sample. There will be costs associated with this however if colour is your only concern we offer a service to colour match (swatch) where possible free of charge.

Will the print last in a dishwasher?
All the printing that we do is suitable in dishwasher environments.