We understand that packaging has a powerful influence on consumers and their buying behaviour. Your label attracts the eye, pulls in the consumer’s attention and then captures their imagination. Selecting the correct label design and printing method is an important branding and marketing decision. 

Ascent Print can offer a printing solution for all small or large bottles, from wine, beer, and liquor, to juice, sauces, cosmetic bottles and more. We are constantly striving to improve new printing methods to expand the range of custom printing options we can offer to our clients.

The two most common bottle printing solutions are traditional paper labels, and the increasingly popular screen printing. Each of these methods have their own benefits depending on your needs. There are a number of criteria that will influence the process used for the production run - quantity, number of colours, bottle shape, bottles intended use and print area.

By finding the method of printing that is best suited to your needs, we are able to lower production costs, and pass these savings on to you, the customer. Get in touch today to discuss your printing requirements.

In late 2019 we imported the latest automatic printing technology for direct to glass bottle printing and can now offer up to 4 spot colour screen printing using LED curing.

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